Goodbye, Roscoe

I can sort of see that Daddy is sitting at the table, and I know that he’s eating because I smell something yummy. I want to go sit right under him and beg him to give me the bits of food and a plate to lick that I usually get, early. I can’t because I fell down the stairs to the back door a few days ago and now my back leg doesn’t work at all. The pain is too much to even try to stand. Benjamin was about to pick me up and take me outside to do my business, but I hate being picked up and I wanted to go down the steps on my own like I used to. Now things are worse. I am very unhappy that I can’t walk over to Daddy, so I woof.

I think Daddy is done eating, but he’s still walking around in the kitchen. I need to go over there in case some bits of food fall on the floor. I’m going to try to get up. Here I go. I’m trying. Nope. I can’t do it. He’s coming over now. I’ve been getting lots of pets and hugs since I fell.

I stay in the same spot all day because I can’t get up. My food and water are close to me. My annoying little sister keeps trying to steal it, but my hoomans keep her away.

Something is up, but I don’t know what. Last time my blanket got wet, Daddy took it away. When it came back, it was dry and smelled funny. My blanket is wet again, but Daddy just moved me to a different spot. I’m getting lots of pets and hugs from everybody.


Oh, a car ride! Where are we going?


Oh no, not here. I’m very nervous. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m having a hard time breathing. Daddy and Mommy and Corey brought me here and are giving me lots of pets and hugs. Strange people keep walking in the room and talking to me. I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I can see their lips moving. My hoomans’ faces are shiney. Are they wet? I can’t tell… Ooo! What’s this? A chocolate chip cookie? I never get chocolate chip cookies at home! This is so good! Thank you! Thank you! Ouch! What did that lady just do to me? Woof!


I’m not so nervous anymore. I’m feeling more and more relaxed. It’s not hard to breathe anymore and the pain in my legs is gone. I’m feeling kind of sleepy. I think I’ll take a little snooze while my hoomans give me more pets and hugs.


What is this place? Where are my hoomans? It’s so beautiful here. I see green everywhere. There is plenty of room to run and play. I can see! I see lots of other doggies and other furry friends, some small, some large, some fuzzy, some smooth and shiney. I can hear! I hear the other doggies’ happy woofs. My legs are working again! Look at me run and jump! I like it here. I’m sure my hoomans will be along sometime. I’ll just wait here for them.